Our facility consists of a 100' x 160' outdoor arena. Black dirt unfortunately, but we keep it tilled up, it's soft enough to protect their legs and firm enough to keep them from straining themselves. I do most of my riding and training in here. We also have a 55' roundpen with sand footing. The roundpen used to be my best friend but now rarely does it see a horse.

We have access to multiple trails on the property, ponds on site for water exposure, tons of hills and very rocky terrain to get your horse fit and toughen up his feet. Nearby, we have groomed trail systems, not to mention the ability to take a ride down the road to the lakes.

Horses I take in for training live individually in 30 x 40 dry lots. Barbless wire and wooden posts on three sides, and plastic board and wooden posts on the front. Lean-tos in each paddock. A few days a week I put these horses out on small grass pastures during day light hours only.

All horses are supplied with mineral blocks and clean fresh water 24/7. Grass hay and grain is fed twice daily.

Horses are required to be current on all cares. Current hoof trimming and deworming before arrival to our facility is an absolute must.

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