These are a few of my own horses that I have started in recent years. There are tons of others that I have done groundwork on, or bought green and finished. And there are many more that belong to other people, but I will not include them on this page.
Romeo is a 2005 Paint gelding. I bought him as a weanling, raised and trained him before I discovered Clinton Anderson's methods. He'll never go anywhere. He won the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge as a 3 year old, has encountered many trail miles, and ran his butt off at numerous gaming shows, winning 3rd in the high point series in 2009 and 2010. He has the basics in reining, nothing fancy or super refined, but he flexes, sidepasses, spins (ever so slowly), slides, and lopes a pretty nice circle. Patterned well on barrels and poles but unfortunately he still has anxiety at the shows. He easily outruns the horses on the games at the gymkhanas. Now to get him to perform in barrels and poles at the shows like he does at home.
Tuff is a 1997 Paint stallion, Romeo's sire actually. I bought him as an 11 year old. He had 30 days of training as a 3 year old and lived the rest of his years as a breeding stallion. I put the ol' boy back to work, in less than 30 hours of training he'd ride quietly alone or with other horses (mares and geldings included), traffic safe. Sane, sound, dependable, and consistent. I competed in the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge with him, and sold him to Sandie and Troy Margelofsky of Dodgeville, WI where he has been a hard working trail and cow horse, making his debut appearance at the Midwest Horse Fair in 2010. I'll be starting two Tuff daughters in 2011.
Chase is a 2008 Paint stallion. I bought him from Washington state as a late weanling. I put some Clinton Anderson groundwork on him the summer of his yearling year. As a coming two year old I spent 30 hours with this boy, teaching him 30 Clinton Anderson exercises. I started him under saddle, walk, trot, canter, whoa, back, pivot, and sidepass on the first ride. Chase is extremely well bred and shows a ton of a talent. I sold him to Brandi Belton of Dawson Creek, British Columbia where he's going on into reining training.
This is Journey, the little 6 year old Arab mare that absolutely stole my heart. I never owned this girl, but put 100 days of training on her this past summer. Together Journey and I won the Trainers Challenge For Horses Without Homes against 14 other really talented trainers. From wild and untouchable, this little mare transfromed gracefully into a quiet and willing push button riding horse. I used Clinton Anderson methods with her every step of the way. Walk, trot, canter on the first ride as always. Before long she was backing, sidepassing, pivoting and spinning. I brought her to the trainers challenge and did a freestyle performance carrying a flag, who said Arabs were flighty? This mare has a heart of gold, all the try you could ask for. She changed my outlook on Arabians and inspired me to participate in the challenge next year! If there was ever a horse I regret letting go, this is undoubtedly the one.
Malika is also from the trainers challenge. She is a 10 year old Arab mare. Malika competed in the challenge with trainer Jeff Conroy. He put an excellent start on her but unfortunately did not get her riding. We brought her home to further her training and give her a future. She has progressed amazingly well. Smart as they come, willing, and soft as can be. I lack time to be consistent with her, so she is worked one day then sits for two weeks or a month before I have time to pull her out again, but this does not affect her at all. After about 6 groundwork sessions using Clinton Anderson's methods, I climbed in the saddle, walk, trot, and canter on the first ride. Now on her fourth ride (November 2010), she is giving to the bit vertically, and learning to sidepass and really use herself in the back up.

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