Training fees are charged by the hour. The rate for all training is $20 per hour, this is actually working hours. Not grooming, tacking, etc. I charge only for the time I am actually working your horse.

Board is charged additionally at $3 per day for a dry lot. Hay only. I will grain your horse for an additional $1 per day or you can supply the grain.

Hoof trimming and deworming must be current, no exceptions. Annual vaccinations and coggins are also required.

Any vet bills incurred are the owner's expense. I've never had to call a vet for a client's horse before.

We can discuss expectations you have and the hours you want on your horse and determine a prorated down payment to be paid when you drop your horse off. I do take bookings, but I have so many requests I'm forced to be selective. I have two youngsters of my own to start in 2011 and I also plan to participate in the 2nd annual trainers challenge. I'm looking to only take in two horses for riding training, and 2 or 3 horses for ground training and/or trailer loading in 2011. If you have a horse that you'd like to be soft and push button and possibly started on barrels, send me an email - these are my favorite projects.

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I recommend 15 days if you are just sending a horse for groundwork training. Training time for groundwork will generally be about 10 hours in 15 days.
When you bring your horse here to be started, it includes 5-10 days of groundwork training, whatever is necessary for your horse to prepare him to start. I highly recommend you bring your horse to me to start from scratch, rather than you bring him along through the first couple rides. It's just easier for the horse and myself to be on the same page from the beginning. I recommend 30-45 days of training to start a horse, which totals 20-30 hours including groundwork.
If you just want your horse finetuned and finished off in a general direction, I recommend 30 days which for these horses is 15-20 hours. However, for specialized disciplines, such as barrel racing, I suggest 45-60 days (30-40 hours). I also offer riding for the horse that's already finished but has been sitting for awhile. I recommend 15-30 days for these horses which in this case is generally 10-15 hours.
I will do one time, on the spot trailer loading at your farm for the regular $20 per hour (generally 2 hours), plus a travel expense. I can actually train your horse to load properly on my farm for the regular training and board fees. This is done in 15 days max, and can be as many as 15 hours. Your horse will also learn some of my groundwork exercises as they are the tools I use to train the horse to load.

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